How to go to Arun Mekong

Kratie town is  at around 340 km (5-6 hours bus drive) north-east from Phnom Penh. There are several bus companies going to Kratie or passing by while they are heading to Stung Treng or Rattanakiri. Tickets at the central bus station southwest of the central market and in many travelling agencies (cost 8.5US)

Koh Trong Island is about 1 km in front of Kratie n the Mekong and there is a ferry leaving every 15-30 minutes near the place also the buses are arriving bringing you for 50 cents in 10 Minutes on the other river side . After 6pm the ferry is not working any more but we can fetch you with a private boat  – cost 6$. On the island motor-cycles with drivers are waiting (1.5 $/person) or you arrange with us for getting fetched by horse-cart (6$) or you decide to go by foot (35 Minutes) on the path towards the Nord (after passing Rajabori Ressort) the last house you will reach is “Arun Mekong”.

Picture 144


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