Contact us and Reservations

In case that you need further information or would like to reserve, please, write us un e-mail indicating from when on and for how long you would like to stay and how many rooms   you need (the 3 rooms for 22 $ share one bathroom, the 2 rooms for 27 $ and the  2 bungalows for 33 $ have individual bathrooms).  Prices for stays of 3 days and more and for groups are negotiable.

Indicate also in case that you would like to get fetched by motorbike or horse cart from the ferry (price 1  $ person and 6 $ cart). You can also download, fill in and send us the Reservation Form in the box on the right side of the page.  You can contact us in English, Khmer, French and German to: or book by phone, call:  Ms. Malov the local manager (English/Khmer): 017 663 014

Picture Room w. bath 1



  1. Thea Romandy Quin

    Would like to make reservations for 28 th February for a party of 6 perhaps 8 people

    • booking the guesthouse the 28th of February for a party for 6-8 people would be o.k. – we would charche you for the entire guesthouse (7 rooms/bungalows and 300m2 open space) 200 US. Please confirm per e-mail under


  2. Marlies

    Are there any twinrooms available? I am traveling with my sister and we will sleep in seperate beds, but in the same room/bungalow. Regards, Marlies

    • Dear Marlies,

      we can place a 2nd bed in the room if necessary. In case that you did not book until now, please, book under


  3. Jim Dowman

    Need 3 rooms for Monday night.28th
    We have family of three.
    One couple needs double room.
    One twin share..

    • Hello Ann,

      Dear Ann,

      no problem on Monday 28.9 all rooms are still free -so you can chose which ones you want when you arrive.

      Best Regards


  4. Anna Glinski

    Do you have a twin room for 2 people on17th November for 1 night please?

    • yes we have a room for 2 people on 17th,11. Please, confirm your bookung by e-mail (and not as a comment on the blog)

  5. We would like to stay at your guesthouse on 16 and 17 March, can you please tell us if it is possible to get directly from Sihanoukville to Krati in one day and if so how? There are four of travelling together and we would like to book two rooms with own bathrooms. Kind regards.

    • We would have 2 rooms for you (on 16/17.3) for 27 each. To go from Sihanoukville to Kratie in one day is barely possible (or with a private vehicle/taxi and even than it would take you 8-9 hours). With buses it takes you 4 hours to Phnom Phen and another 7 hours from there to Kratie (buses from Phnom Penh are leaving only in the morning from Central Market). In case that you would reserve the 2 rooms, send us an e-mail (
      Kind regards

  6. Durand

    Bonjour, nous voudrions réserver 1 chambre a 27 $ ou1 bungalow à33$ du 16 au 18 août . Cela est-il possible? Sinon quelles dates sont encore libres?
    Merci de votre réponse

    • oui, nous avons un bungalow pour vous disponible.


  7. Durand

    Bonjour, nous sommes obligés de modifier notre programme et resterons 1 nuit le 17.
    Merci d’éviter compréhension

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